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Are you having trouble choosing a facial?

Here are some helpful tips for choosing the facial that best suits not just your skincare needs but also helps ease your stress and increase pleasure.

Branded Cosmetics

Are you looking to come in for a facial to just relax?


If you are someone who wants to come in for a self-care day and doesn't truly have a skin concern, then a Renew Me facial would be perfect for you! 

The Renew Me Facial can be done on all skin types.






This facial is customized to your skin type.

*Consultation is required before any facial!

Facial Treatment

Are you looking to get a facial and vibe?

A variety of advanced facials

We recommend the Express Facial.

This is the facial you can get alone or with a friend/significant other. 👯‍♀️

*You and your bestie will be pampered next to each other!


You will be served mimosas  (other beverages are available)

You can BYOB 🥂

*This facial is for all skin types and is accustomed to your skincare needs



Experiencing acne, breakouts, hyperpigmentation, 
blackheads, or have mature skin?

We recommend the All-inclusive Facial.


It's a no-brainer!

This facial entails exactly what the name is... All-inclusive!

The esthetician will analyze your skin and if you need a lip treatment, eye treatment, LED light therapy, nano infusion, microderm, chemical peel etc... it will be included (if time permits)

The facial is 90 min.

What to expect on your appointment...

Right before your appointment, you will be sent a form via text message or email asking if you'd like to be greeted with a complimentary beverage

We will then do a thorough consultation, please be ready to tell us your skincare regimen (brands, ingredients, cleansers, exfoliants etc..) as this helps us recommend if necessary. You will also be sent a questionnaire 

You will lay back and relax. You will also be sent a form asking if youd like a quiet facial or if you don't mind some chat before your appointment .

We will send you a list of beverages, all you will have to do is respond with the beverage of your choice and we'll do the rest!

You will be taken into the treatment room and will change into a spa body wrap and wait for the esthi to come back and tuck you in 💆‍♀️  

You will receive a few forms before your facial to ensure you get the best experience possible!

Form 1. Beverage

Form 2. facial preference  

Form 3. Would you like skincare recommendations 

woman in towel
If you are still unsure of what facial to book submit a form and we will get back as soon as possible
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We’ll get back to you shortly.

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